AlterG: gravity changer, game changer

We have probably never been so excited about a piece of equipment

You may have seen our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill in the corner of the room where we hold our classes.

Alternatively, you may have heard about it. You may think that it’s some space age marvel that only the very fittest could use.
In fact, the opposite is true. Because the machine reduces the gravity that you experience, and thus the force with which your
body lands, AlterG is completely safe and extremely beneficial for everyone, but particularly if you have a condition that restricts your lower-body movement.

“On the AlterG, and after using it, I could move in ways I thought I’d never be able to again!”

This gentleman had lost mobility, with the consequence that he was walking in a stilted way, which in turn exacerbated the problem. The AlterG, set initially at just 30% gravity, allowed him to move normally and evenly, and, after a few sessions, this translated into his being able to walk more naturally at other times too.

“I’m a fairly obsessive runner, so my twisted ankle was a nightmare – until I found AlterG.”

This man, by contrast, used the anti-gravity treadmill to train on whilst his ankle was recovering. In this way, he was able to keep running (without the impact) thus ensuring he got his “running fix,” he kept fit and maintained his running muscle memory – as we gradually increased his gravity load – so that, when he could return to running outside, he had lost very little fitness. In addition, when he did return, he knew it was 100% safe to do so. The AlterG is great for anyone with any lower limb injury or recent surgery.

“My Parkinson’s meant I couldn’t extend my hip. On the AlterG, I relearnt that vital movement.”

Again, this lady had been moving more and more slowly and awkwardly, but sessions on the AlterG translated into her everyday walking becoming much more balanced, more efficient and more confident.

There are very few AlterGs around, so we are very lucky to have one here. As you are secured onto the treadmill and constantly supervised, with the machine calibrated to your weight and starting capability, you are absolutely safe in using it. It is simply impossible to fall off the back of it, which is the fear with normal treadmills!

We are so excited about the AlterG, because it really is a game changer – a life changer even.

Your health and fitness, particularly in later years, need not be inexorably downhill. And the AlterG can play a massive part in that reversal – in your regaining past strength and mobility. AlterG removes the shackles of gravity, as well as any fear of falling, giving you the confidence to take literally significant strides forward – into your more active tomorrow!

So, we would urge you, please, if you have an injury, if you have arthritis or a neurological complaint, anything which is compromising your movement, come in and give the AlterG a go. It has changed our perception of what is possible – we know it will change yours too!

Click here to head to our You Tube channel where we have some videos of the ALTER G in use

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Kelly R
Kelly R
I attended the clinic at 28 weeks pregnant after suffering with my back - Lindsey was so so helpful, informative and made me feel completely comfortable. Would highly recommend.
Helen B
Helen B
I’ve used Grosvenor for physio, acupuncture and podiatrist services on a number of occasions over the years for myself and my sporty kids and always been really pleased with the results. Friendly, approachable and importantly provided good advice that fixed the problems we presented with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or return if required.
Alf Wimshurst
Alf Wimshurst
Had treatment with Jo following replacement knee surgery and this was excellent. Had no hesitation returning a couple of years later for a back problem and again I cannot fault their service.
Helen Moore
Helen Moore
Grosvenor was recommend to me when I was having some back issues. Felt at ease as soon as I walked in. Friendly, professional service who really listened and provided a plan to help. Really happy with the results of my treatment plan meant I could get back to the things I enjoy. Would highly recommend
Peter Woodings
Peter Woodings
A very thorough first appointment where the problem identified. A very pleasant experience throughout.
I had four sessions of physio and acupuncture with Jo who then suggested I might benefit from seeing her colleague Louise for some clinical massage. The treatments I have received at the Grosvenor Clinic have meant my neck has been pain free for the first time in a number of years. All of the staff are so friendly and explain everything that is happening so you have confidence in all aspects of your treatment.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones
I have visited the clinic three times now for an extremely painful trapped nerve, when I first called up in a panic they accommodated me very last minute and got me treated and rebooked for acupuncture with Jo and I can’t thank her enough! The relief I have had since being to the clinic is amazing. Can’t recommend enough!