The ALTER G is an anti gravity treadmill helping with pain-free rehabilitation and training. It uses air to unweight the user allowing freedom of movement pain free.

Do you have arthritis and find walking painful?

Are you waiting for surgery but need to keep moving and strong?

Have you had a fracture or surgery and are only partial weight bearing?

Do you have an injury but want to keep running?

Do you find your balance and mobility has reduced and you have lost your fitness and confidence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the ALTER G is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals!


The ALTER G can be used as part of Physiotherapy Treatment or Supervised by Physiotherapist in 45 min or 60min sessions only. It can also be used unsupervised after an induction. Time includes set up and shut down/clean.


45 Minutes Supervised


 60 Minutes Supervised


30 Minute Induction


30 Minute Unsupervised Session (Must Have Had Induction)


40 Minute Unsupervised Session (Must Have Had Induction)


60 Minute Unsupervised Session (Must Have Had Induction)

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