Keeping active is so important especially as we get older. We loose 8% muscle mass each decade unless we do strengthening exercises to help this. Loss of strength and fitness can lead to an increase in falls, decreased bone density and finding every day tasks more difficult to complete and low mood.

As we are all restricted to limited activity in the current climate we have to find other ways to keep active. Here is a great link for safe gentle exercises to be completed at home showing varying levels of ability.

The Generation Games at Home Exercise for the Over 50s

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy also have a great video on the importance of keeping active and staying steady showing 6 simple exercises to keep you moving

Exercise is the not the only way to help our mind and bodies. What we eat is also important to maintain healthy bones. Foods rich in calcium and vitamin D are really important. We find Vitamin D from sunlight, oily fish, eggs, some types of pork and lambs liver. You can also take this as a supplement (please discuss with GP before doing this).

It is never too late to start moving and exercising just make sure you start off easy and progress slowly. Remember we all have good days and not so good days. Listen to your bodies and adjust your exercise appropriately.

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