Fungal nail infections are common, stubborn and can be painful. Don’t let the state of your nails stop you from wearing those summer sandals. Infection usually starts at the edge of the nail and moves inwards. It dis-colors the nail and can cause it to lift off and become brittle.


  • Treat any Athletes Foot asap (they are the same fungus that causes infection)

  • Keep your feet clean and dry. Fungal infections grow more if your feet are constantly warm and damp.

  • Do not share towels, other peoples shoes or nail clippers/scissors.


  • Antifungal creams – these can be bought over the counter from the Pharmacy – they often don’t penetrate deep enough into the nail bed to always fully treat the infection. If they help it can take up to 12 months.

  • GP can prescribe medication which is taken daily for at least 6/12. These medications are not suitable for everyone and can have side affects. They have shown to be effective in approx 4 in 10 people.


At the clinic our Podiatrist Jessie uses the Clearanail Treatment System. This is a small drill which is held on the surface of the nail and the device produces a micro hole 0.4mm (about the same width as four human hairs) in diameter in the nail without affecting the nail bed below. This allows the anti-fungal solution access to the deep nail plate infection.


We filmed Jessie completing a demonstration of the procedure at our Open Day please click the link below to see the video.

It is recommended that you allow for at least 3 sessions for maximum benefit.


You will see healthy nail growth. With the Clearanial system you can see the difference in your nail in 2-8 weeks with most benefit showing at 12 weeks if you complete all sessions and follow all the self care advice.

For more information on Clearanail see Https://

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Kelly R
Kelly R
I attended the clinic at 28 weeks pregnant after suffering with my back - Lindsey was so so helpful, informative and made me feel completely comfortable. Would highly recommend.
Helen B
Helen B
I’ve used Grosvenor for physio, acupuncture and podiatrist services on a number of occasions over the years for myself and my sporty kids and always been really pleased with the results. Friendly, approachable and importantly provided good advice that fixed the problems we presented with. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or return if required.
Alf Wimshurst
Alf Wimshurst
Had treatment with Jo following replacement knee surgery and this was excellent. Had no hesitation returning a couple of years later for a back problem and again I cannot fault their service.
Helen Moore
Helen Moore
Grosvenor was recommend to me when I was having some back issues. Felt at ease as soon as I walked in. Friendly, professional service who really listened and provided a plan to help. Really happy with the results of my treatment plan meant I could get back to the things I enjoy. Would highly recommend
Peter Woodings
Peter Woodings
A very thorough first appointment where the problem identified. A very pleasant experience throughout.
I had four sessions of physio and acupuncture with Jo who then suggested I might benefit from seeing her colleague Louise for some clinical massage. The treatments I have received at the Grosvenor Clinic have meant my neck has been pain free for the first time in a number of years. All of the staff are so friendly and explain everything that is happening so you have confidence in all aspects of your treatment.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones
I have visited the clinic three times now for an extremely painful trapped nerve, when I first called up in a panic they accommodated me very last minute and got me treated and rebooked for acupuncture with Jo and I can’t thank her enough! The relief I have had since being to the clinic is amazing. Can’t recommend enough!