So many reasons to practice Baptiste Vinyasa Flow Yoga!! By Fran at

Quite simply - I feel AMAZING after every Baptiste Vinyasa Flow - calm, focused, fit and ready for the day ahead - that’s why having trained as a Baptiste Yoga Teacher, I’m so passionate about sharing this Yoga practice with others.

Having spent my professional years working in the Health & Fitness Industry, in my view, this is the most beneficial, safe, time efficient and holistic workout for the mind, body and soul that I’ve ever experienced!

YOGA FOR ALL This style of Yoga created by Baron Baptiste is a physical workout that Every Body can access, no matter your age, fitness or flexibility - and that’s why I love it - it’s just a case of taking that FIRST BRAVE STEP to get started and try out something new…

The thought of practicing yoga may feel daunting but once you realise that it’s not about tying yourself up in knots and “there’s no such thing as the perfect pose” you’ll allow yourself to connect more freely with your body and mind!

EVERY BODY needs to move - start MOVING YOUR BODY NOW to ensure full mobility into later life… it’s a no-brainer - use it or lose it.

FITNESS Whilst flowing through a sequence of “asanas” / poses, your body will become fitter, stronger and more flexible - nothing scary or complicated as every pose can be modified for you.

MIND, BODY, SOUL Most importantly, this is a powerful MOVING MEDITATION and by connecting your BREATH to the present moment throughout the practice, you will experience a deep sense of calm and inner peace.

LIFE SKILLS You will learn a simple Vinyasa Flow that you can practice at home too as part of your Optimal Daily Routine.

BACK HEALTH You’ll feel revitalised, and rejuvenated - tightness in your hips and lower back will be released and your spine will feel awakened, strengthened and mobilised making this a wonderful addition to any physical rehabilitation program.

BALANCE This practice is also wonderful for working on your BALANCE especially if you have a dominant side, are recovering from an injury or simply just want to prevent falls.

TOXINS This practice works wonders on all the parts you cannot see - your internal organs will be nourished, massaged and rinsed enabling them to more efficiently rid your body of toxins.

HORMONES Yoga can also be hugely beneficial for hormone balance, particularly during the menopause. eg. stimulation of the thyroid and adrenal glands

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT If healthy Weight Management is your goal then expect your metabolism to be given a mighty boost too!

Come and give it a go - I’ll take you by the hand and lead you...


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