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Reflexology is a complementary therapy, and can work alongside conventional medicine, giving you the opportunity to take charge of your own wellbeing in a busy, stressful and demanding world. Alternatively it may be used simply to provide relaxation and stress relief. The benefits of indulging in a little pampering can be huge on both an emotional, spiritual and physical level. Whilst reflexology does not claim to cure or diagnose, the benefits of reflexology can have a powerful healing effect.

What is Reflexology and how does it work?

Reflexology is a natural form of healing that works on the principal that every part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the feet. By massaging these reflex areas, energy blockages can be cleared and gritty deposits which form can be broken down and eliminated through the circulatory system. This helps restore the body to its optimum natural state known as 'homeostasis', or 'balance' and encourages the body then to function as it should.

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Pilates Is a body conditioning exercise method which targets the deep postural muscles building strength in a slow and controlled manner to give long term results.

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