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Physiotherapy is an established and dynamic profession that uses a range of treatment techniques to restore movement and function to the body. For musculoskeletal conditions the primary aim is to restore normal movement and speed recovery by reducing pain, stiffness and muscle weakness and restoring confidence. A Physiotherapist is trained to examine and diagnose problems in joints, muscles and other soft tissues, and after a comprehensive assessment of a problem, they will work with clients to devise an effective treatment plan which is tailored to the individual's needs and goals.

Basic Physiotherapy training in the UK usually consists of a three or four year BSc university degree course, or an intensive two year MSc degree course for science based post graduate students. On completion of their training graduates are awarded membership of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, and are entitled to display the letters MCSP after their name. They are also entitled to be registered with the Health Professions Council. Membership of these organisation is your assurance that the practitioner treating you is properly qualified and is bound by rules of professional conduct and standards of practice. Physiotherapists working within the private sector are often also members of the Organisation of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice who's trade name is PhysioFirst.

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